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Best Oils for Massage

Updated: Apr 2, 2023

The following oils are typically used for massage. When used as carrier oils, they also allow the dilution of essential oils to make them safe for use on the skin. They are also considered to have properties that provide health benefits.

1. Hemp Seed Oil: Currently our favourite oil to use for massage. The ones we buy are grown in the UK, which means our carbon footprint is reduced by reducing the air miles of our main massage oil. It is also grown without pesticides and sold in a recyclable glass bottle which helps us meet our environmental impact aims even more. They say only put on your skin what you would put in your mouth, and this Hemp oil is often used in salads, so fits the bill! Hemp seed oil is associated with many health benefits:

2. Coconut Oil: Coconut oil is another one of our favourite oils for massage. Organic coconut oil in glass containers are easy to find in many places. If living in the UK it is going to have more airmiles, which is the only reason we use Hemp Oil more. It is solid at room temperature, but soon melts when it touches the skin. It feels great and is known for its antibacterial and anti-fungal properties in addition to other health benefits:

3. Olive Oil: If we were to choose a third, we may choose Olive oil. Grown in Europe, it is available as organic oil, in a glass bottle! It is a little heavier in texture than coconut oil and hemp oil, so we tend to use this if someone choose this rather than those oils. Studies suggest that it also has some health benefits:

4. Jojoba Oil: This oil feels quite luxurious, and studies suggest that it is anti-inflammatory (see link below). It is quite heavy in feeling. As such, it tends to be mixed with other carrier oils to lighten it a little. If weren't already so satisfied with our other oils, and we were to add one more oil, it would be this one:

5. Sweet almond oil . This was one of the main oils used in our training. It is light and non-greasy, making it easily absorbed by the skin. We prefer the feel of the other oils, and it does carry a risk if someone is allergic to almonds, so we do not use it at our clinic. However, it is a popular carrier oil for massage and may have some health benefits, so could be worth considering:

6. Grapeseed Oil: The other main oil used in our training. Grapeseed oil is another light oil for massage. Again, we prefer the feel of the oils we use, but grapeseed oil is a popular choice:

You may like to experiment with which oils you prefer. We hope this gives you an idea of which oils you might like to try. Please do take care in case of allergies, you can always do a skin test on a small patch of skin if unsure. However, if you have a nut allergy, please avoid any nut oils altogether.



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