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Making a Positive Impact

We believe that health is one of the most important and valuable forms of wealth there is.
Our aim is to support your health goals through specialised massage for health and fitness. 
We value holistic and science-based massage approaches. 
We are motivated by our experiences in assisting the health and wellbeing of those in local and wider areas.
Our experience includes helping hundreds of clients through massage to improve their physical and mental health. Together we work to relieve pain, tension, stress, and increase mobility, relaxation and wellbeing.

Based on the outskirts of the town centre, we are easy to access at the Creuynni Complementary Healthcare home clinic on Salisbury Close, in your own home or at Hawarden Wellness Centre. Our highly qualified, insured and experienced practitioners are partners Brian Cervera and Katherine Saxby who have both been offering massage to clients since 2013.